5 Commonly Misunderstood HVAC Issues

It always seems when things happen to our heating and cooling systems, it is at the absolute worst time. Before you call someone out to look at your system, here is a list of five commonly misunderstood HVAC issues you could be facing.

1. Not changing your home’s air filters can result in a variety of issues including the system freezing up.

2. Loud noises from your HVAC system can mean many different things, and some only require a quick adjustment.

3. A refrigerant leak is common in many residential HVAC systems but should only be handled by a professional.

4. A dirty condenser or evaporator coil can send many homeowners into a tizzy but only requires some elbow grease to fix.

5. Clean window AC units regularly to avoid noise and indoor air quality issues.

If all else fails, you can always trust Complete Air Mechanical to deliver professional and affordable service. We offer solutions for many preventive and emergency HVAC needs and concerns.