Why Is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

Despite Florida’s reputation for being the land of eternal summer, the reality is that we do get cold days and nights every now and then. We’re talking about temperatures in the 30s and 40s. While that may be barbecue weather in Alaska, it’s certainly heater season for those of us who are used to the balmier climate of the Sunshine State.

So if your heater starts blowing cold air while you’re attempting to keep your home warm and cozy, it may be cause for concern.

The 4 Most Common Reasons Your Heater is Blowing Cool Air

Below are the four most common reasons why a heater blows cold air and what you can do about it.

1. It’s Time to Change the Air Filters

It’s time to change the air filters. No matter how tidy you are, at any given moment, the air in your home is full of dust particles. Add to this pet hair, dander, pollen, soot from scented candles, and dust mites. After a while, air filters become caked with debris, and if not changed or washed, they will block the airflow from your HVAC system. Change them at least once a month. If they’re washable, let them air dry for a full 24 hours before reinstalling them. Always remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions. Some of the reusable filters should be vacuumed instead of washed.

2. The Fan Is Constantly Running

Your thermostat has two settings for the HVAC fan: “Auto” and “On”. If it’s set to “Auto”, the fan will run only when the heater cycles on. This means that it circulates the air that’s already been warmed up by the furnace. However, if the fan is set to “On”, it’ll keep circulating the air inside your home, regardless of whether the heater cycle is on or off. This means that sometimes the air from the vent will feel lukewarm or sometimes even chilly.

3. Poor Gas Supply

If your heater doesn’t work, your furnace might not be getting enough fuel. Check the pilot light to see if the flame is blue. If it’s not, you can follow these instructions to reset it. However, since you’re dealing with gas, we strongly recommend hiring an HVAC professional to take care of this for you.

4. Obstructed Air Ducts

Air ducts can be obstructed by insulation, dirt, or even dead rodents. If you have a mouse or other rodent, you’ll be able to smell it. If you don’t smell anything, there may be a leak which can happen with regular wear and tear. You can prevent this by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance.

No Matter the Type of HVAC Issues, Complete Air Mechanical Can Help

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