Why Is My AC Is So Loud?

Modern ACs are engineered to operate quietly. You likely won’t have ever thought of the sound your AC makes, until you actually hear it making a funny noise, or being louder than you think it should be. It’s best not to ignore a significant change in the level or type of noise your AC makes, as it’s often a sign that something has changed. That change could be something small that could be fixed with a tune-up or could be something more serious and costly that could need major repairs or even total replacement. A good rule to follow is that the longer you wait to check out an issue with increased AC noise, the higher the chance of more costly repairs.

6 Reasons Why Your AC Is So Loud

There are many reasons why your AC can be loud. Here are some of the most common causes:

1. Loose Parts

Typically, humming noises are not indicators of serious issues with your AC. A humming noise could be due to vibrations of loose parts, such as a panel on your AC coming loose, motor blades, fan blades, or refrigerant piping. Some loose parts in your AC can be harmless and easily tightened or put back into place, whereas other parts coming loose can be a more serious problem. Any loose parts can turn into greater problems if not taken care of.

2. Broken or Detached Parts

A broken or detached part will make a banging noise that sounds like it’s coming from inside your unit. Parts that could be broken or detached include a piston pin, connecting rod, crankshaft, an unbalanced internal blower, or a number of other internal parts. If a part of a compressor is broken or detached, it’s very likely the compressor will need replacing.

3. Failing Thermostat or Defective Control

It’s normal to hear a clicking sound when your AC turns on or off, but is unusual to hear clicking noises during normal operation. Once your AC is on, if the clicking happens frequently, it could indicate that you have a failing thermostat or defective control, which is usually a result of electrical issues. Electrical issues can lead to not only costly but dangerous problems so it’s important to address these with a professional if the clicking sounds continue.

4. Displaced or Loosened Fan Blades

If you hear a whirring sound, like the sound of a helicopter flying overhead, it’s commonly due to a malfunctioning fan in the internal AC or external AC. Malfunctioning fan blades can be ones that are out of place, spinning, or hitting something they shouldn’t be.

5. Clogging Due to Outdoor Debris

A rattling noise can often be caused by branches, leaves, or other outdoor debris getting stuck inside your AC. This external debris can cause a clogging issue.

6. Refrigerant Leak

One of the sounds that indicates a very serious problem with your AC is a high-pitched whistling noise that sounds like screaming. If your AC is making this noise, turn off your AC immediately, and do not turn it back on until a professional has inspected it. This sound can indicate a refrigerant leak, which is not only extremely damaging to your AC but is also dangerous to the health of those who live in your home.

How to Fix a Loud AC

Although many causes of a loud AC will require a professional for assistance, there is often a simple solution to fixing the cause of your AC noise. When you notice that your AC is making new or more noise, you can check many things yourself first. With most AC units, you can easily remove the top with a screwdriver, but be sure to turn off your AC before you remove the top.

Some simple things you can do include removing outdoor debris that are notorious for causing clogs and the resulting noises. You can also change your filter, or clean the outdoor filter. Loose parts are also easy to see when they’re moving, and you can tighten them up once you’ve turned off the AC and removed the top.

Like your own health, it’s always advisable to have a yearly tune-up to have a professional inspect your AC and give it a thorough check-up.

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