What Temperature Should I Set My AC for My Pets?

The summer heat in Florida can be unbearable at times, and many people enjoy the luxury of air conditioning in their homes during the more humid months. Running an air system can certainly increase an electricity bill, which causes quite a few people to turn their systems off when they are not home. What these people do not realize is that this is not only bad for their air conditioning system, but it is also terrible for their pets.

Their Health Is at Risk

It is important to maintain a comfortable and safe temperature for your pets when you are not home because they are susceptible to the same health risk associated with overheating that people are. Dehydration, lethargy, heatstroke, and even sometimes death can occur when your pet is subjected to temperatures that are too high.

A Fan Isn’t Enough

Unfortunately, even turning the air conditioning system off and turning fans on when you are away is not a safe alternative for your pets. A fan cannot maintain a stable, lower temperature like an air conditioner can, and for some pets, a drastic change in temperature can cause illness and distress.

It is also not healthy for your air conditioning system to be turned off and on in that manner. When a system is running, it has a higher chance of failure if it has gone through periods without use. You may choose to set the temperature to a few degrees higher while you are gone without disrupting the system.

What Is the Best Temperature for my Pets?

This depends heavily on what types of pets you have, but for most mammals, a temperature in the low 70s is typically a comfortable choice. For birds and reptiles which are more sensitive to temperature changes than mammals, it is important to do research on the temperature needs of your owned species.

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