AC Acid Wash Cleaning

Given enough time, dirt and debris will build up on the air conditioning coils, preventing the unit from operating at maximum efficiency. In severe cases, this buildup can result in increased energy costs and damage to the air conditioning unit itself.

What is an AC Acid Wash Cleaning?

Many strong acids are used as cleaning agents for various materials. However, users must take care when applying an acid wash, as the fumes can spread through the interior of a building. Acid cleaning is only appropriate for outdoor units.

This acid is applied to the evaporator coils of an air conditioning unit to dissolve away mineral and debris buildup. It is a more efficient cleaning method than just spraying the unit with water or compressed air.

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How Does Acid Washing AC Coils Help?

Because the acid will foam on contact, it reaches parts of the air conditioning unit that other cleaning methods would miss. The acid is then allowed to rest and dissolve buildup, but this is best done when the air conditioner is running. This enables the system to wash away the acid with condensate water, preventing it from causing damage to the air conditioning unit itself.

Acid cleaning can also reveal damage. Once the acid has been washed away, a technician should inspect the unit for any damage, cracks, or corrosion they might have missed. Homeowners can clean their HVAC coils without hiring a technician, but if the corrosion and damage are severe, they should contact a professional to inspect the unit.

Benefits of Acid Cleaning

Acid washing an air conditioner coil is messy work but can extend the lifespan of an air conditioning unit past the manufacturer’s specifications. Regular preventive AC maintenance will keep the unit running at peak efficiency, lowering energy costs, and improving the quality of life for the home’s occupants. The savings offered through preventative maintenance far outweigh the costs of cleaning and make it a safe investment for any home or business owner.

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