Should I Turn Off My AC Unit When There’s a Flood?

Whether from rainfall, a storm surge, a backed up drain, or a leaking water line, flooding can cause serious damage to a home and a home’s appliances. An air conditioning unit is no different. While air conditioners are designed to be water resistant and operate properly when exposed to rainfall, they are not designed to be operated in standing water or while submerged. There are a number of specific problems when operating an air conditioner during a flood.

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Electric Shock

As with any electrical device, a submerged air conditioner can create a potential shock hazard. This means that any person or pet near the submerged device might receive a potentially fatal shock. In addition, an electrical current in the water around an air conditioner could transfer to other structures and be carried into the home.

System Damage

When an electrical device is operated while immersed in water, electrical currents are almost certain to jump from wires to other nearby surfaces. This electrical jumping could result in ruined internal components, burned wires and components, and even fires. The air intake and moving parts of the air conditioner could also force water into the ducts of the system and into the home, resulting in further damage.

Be Prepared

When flooding is imminent, it is important to disconnect the power source from an air conditioning unit by flipping the breaker for the air conditioning system. After the flooding, the breaker should not be turned back on until the air conditioner has been inspected by a trained technician. In areas where periodic flooding is likely, which includes most of Florida, it is a good idea for air conditioning units to be elevated. Units can be placed on elevated platforms, attached to walls, or even placed on rooftops to help them stay above floodwaters.

After a Flood, Call Complete Air Mechanical

To prevent problems, air conditioners should not be operated when flooded. If they have been flooded, they should be inspected before operation. The experts at Complete Air Mechanical can inspect your system for flood damage and make any necessary repairs.

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