Why is My Room Hotter Than the Others?

How often do you think about your home’s air conditioner? Chances are that it’s rarely at the forefront of your mind — unless it starts causing some issues. If you’ve suddenly noticed that there are inconsistent temperatures throughout your house, you may be wondering why. Is it a defect in the system? Does it have anything to do with the weather outside? And, is there anything you can do to solve the problem?

5 Reasons Why One Room May Be Hotter Than Others

There are several reasons why some areas in your house may feel warmer than others. Some include:

1. Too much sunlight is coming in

The same way the Earth’s atmosphere traps the sun’s heat and causes a greenhouse effect, having large windows and glass walls will make such areas of the house warmer than the rest — especially during the hottest days of the year. Fortunately, this scenario has a relatively simple fix. If the reason for the warm indoor temperatures is sunlight, closing curtains, blinds, or shades will resolve it.

2. The thermostat is in a less than ideal location

If a thermostat is located on a wall that faces the exterior of your home, or near one of the warmest locations in your home — such as the kitchen or laundry room — it will calibrate a wrong temperature reading in your house, especially if you’re running large appliances such as the oven or clothes dryer. For the most accurate readings, the thermostat should be located on an interior wall close to where your family spends most of their time.

3. The air conditioner is too small for your home

When buying an air conditioner, you have to take into account your home’s square footage, how many people live in your household, and ceiling height. If you install an AC that’s too small for your home, it will fail to cool every room evenly. This not only creates an uncomfortable environment, but it can also cost you money.  Plus, your indoor environment will be more humid, which can promote mold growth and structural damage in the long-term.

4. Old ductwork

There are many things that can cause regular wear and tear in your home’s ductwork — dust accumulation, mold, insects, age — which can cause air leaks. If your ductwork is older than 15 years, it may be time to install new ones. Failing to do so will continue to cause inconsistent temperatures from room to room, as well as energy inefficiency — resulting in a higher amount on your monthly power bill.

5. Old insulation

If the insulation in your home is too old — 80 years or older — it will allow cooled air to escape through the walls. Ensuring you have adequate insulation will lower your energy bills by promoting energy efficiency. If you don’t know the age of your insulation, you can conduct a home energy audit. You can then remedy the situation by adding loose-fill or cellulose insulation.

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