Are Aerosol Air Fresheners Bad For You?

Everyone loves a home that smells fresh and fragrant, but there are numerous things that can make a home smell unpleasant. This may include grease from cooking, pets, smoking, or even the kids’ gym bags that have been left sitting out. One of the most common steps that people will take to quickly improve the smell in a home is to spray an aerosol air freshener. However, many of these are not safe to use.

Harmful Chemicals in Air Fresheners


If you read the ingredients in your air freshener products, you may notice that they contain dichlorobenzene. This is a common ingredient used in air fresheners and other products, but it also is a known carcinogen and pesticide. It can cause almost immediate damage to your mucous membranes and can be quickly absorbed by the lungs and taken into your bloodstream.

Toxic Phthalates

Some sources indicate that as many as 86 percent of the air freshener products on the market may contain phthalates, and these can interfere with hormone functions and reproduction. Specifically, they may cause birth defects, poor semen quality, and changes in the hormones themselves. In addition, they can also cause an allergic response and impact those who have asthma.

Healthy Ways to Clean the Air

When you are concerned about the smell of the home, one of the safer options to consider is to simply remove or combat the source of the unpleasant odor in a natural way. For example, if a gym bag is the culprit, you can clean the bag or place it in the garage. If the garbage disposal is stinky, grinding up lemons or limes can clean the disposal naturally. Want to add scent? Try making your own air freshener with essential oils and a spray bottle.

Call Complete Air Mechanical for Fresh Air, the Healthy Way

Another way to improve indoor air quality and to keep your home smelling fresher is to schedule service for your cooling system. Annual maintenance can include cleaning dirty components that might be circulating unpleasant elements throughout the home through the air ducts. If you want to improve indoor air quality in your home, contact Complete Air Mechanical for assistance. We are highly rated with the BBB, and we are committed to your satisfaction.

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