If I Move, Can I Bring My AC With Me?

So, you just had a new air conditioner installed, and now you have to move. You might wonder, is it possible to take my air conditioner with me? While you would hate to leave such a big investment behind, it’s not a good idea to take your AC with you when you move, and here are a few reasons why:

Air Conditioning Refrigerant is Dangerous

While it is possible to move a small portable window air conditioner, moving central air conditioning units is not advisable. Air conditioners have flexible lines designed to transport refrigerants. These hoses are delicate and are damaged easily if an air conditioner is moved to a different location. In order to move an air conditioner safely, you must drain the refrigerant chemical into an approved container. You probably cannot place this container on a moving truck because it is too volatile, and transporting it in your own vehicle is not recommended. Plus, there’s the burden of finding a safe way to dispose of the refrigerant because it is considered hazardous waste.

The Cost of Moving an AC May Exceed the Original Investment

Moving an air conditioner to a new home could cost more than buying a new system. Unless you are a trained and experienced air conditioner technician, tackling the job of moving a central unit is too strenuous, and possibly dangerous. Not only is there an interior portion to the air conditioner, but there is also an exterior unit. The combined weight and size of both devices will require spending more money on a move nearby or out-of-state. In addition, the type of wiring and connectors in a new home are often completely different, requiring making major repairs to the exterior and interior units.

You Can Recover Some Costs During the Sale of Your Home

Even if you just installed a new AC prior to a move, you can try marketing the central air conditioning system as an additional perk. Although “hidden upgrades” like AC and plumbing traditionally have no bearing on real estate value, a brand new cooling system could factor into the overall price of a home, especially in Florida where buyers expect to have climate-controlled air.

If you have a portable air conditioner or window unit, you could also try selling it instead of moving the item. Even portable units require specialized packing to prevent damage and can be difficult to lift and carry. One of the best things you can do to prepare a central air conditioning system for a home sale is to contact a certified technician. Professionals can assess and clean the mechanisms, plus buyers will appreciate a freshly inspected system.

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