HVAC UV Light Benefits

Many people take the time to schedule their maintenance like clockwork and change their air filters regularly. But, they still question their home’s indoor air quality.

Installing a UV light is a wise investment as it offers real benefits to your home. Read on to learn if UV lights work, how to install them, and the five benefits of using HVAC UV lights.

Do UV Lights in HVAC Work?

According to HVAC.com, UV lights work and are well worth it for your home. Here’s how it works: When germs move through the system, they will eventually reach the UV light. The germs will then absorb the UV rays of light, altering the germ’s DNA. Once that happens, the germ will die or be unable to reproduce.

How To Install UV Lights in an HVAC System

You may be wondering how to install a UV HVAC light. Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1. Choose where to install your light: The best and most common location is in the air handler, as all air in your system flows through it.
Step 2. Drill the holes for your light: Once you pick your install location, you will need to drill a hole between 1-1/2″ and 2-1/2″ in diameter.
Step 3. Screw in your light: Install your light using your pre-drilled holes completed in step two, and attach it with screws. You’re almost there!
Step 4. Test to ensure it works: The moment of truth — turn on your light to ensure it’s on and working properly.
Step 5. Remember to change your bulbs: You’ll need to swap out your bulbs about every two years, so set a reminder to do so.

5 Benefits of HVAC UV Lights

1. Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

A UV light can efficiently kill any contaminants that could otherwise thrive in your HVAC system. UV lights are an effective way to prevent disease and control infection. The light emitted from UV wavelengths destroys the DNA and RNA makeup of bacteria, viruses, mold, odors, and other contaminants — thus preventing them from infiltrating your home’s air.

2. Provides Better Airflow

Installing a UV light gives your home better airflow. Good airflow is beneficial for your home’s energy efficiency and also ensures a longer lifespan for your HVAC system.

3. Increases Energy Efficiency

If your AC airflow is obstructed, your unit may have to work overtime, thus shortening its lifespan. Installing a UV light helps eliminate obstructed airflow, which increases energy efficiency and ensures your HVAC system remains in optimal condition.

4. Eliminates VOCs

UV light helps purify the air you breathe by removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are odor-causing chemicals that can infiltrate the air you breathe. While inhaling chemicals you aren’t aware of is already unsettling, what’s even more troubling is the link between VOCs and various health problems. VOCs have been shown to induce health conditions such as respiratory system infections, nausea, and headaches.

5. Eliminates Odors

Throughout the day, you may generate a lot of odors through cooking, cleaning, using candles, or even having a pet. Using a UV light allows you to break down the odors and destroy them. Since we get used to smell so quickly, you may not even notice an odor afterward. Having a UV light will help you eliminate the odors in your home.

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