Ways to Improve AC Efficiency

If you typically don’t give much consideration to your AC’s efficiency throughout the year, you probably will once summertime rolls around. For the average home in the United States, air conditioning costs account for 25 to 50 percent of monthly energy bills. During the summer, that percentage can increase dramatically.

3 Ways to Improve Your AC’s Efficiency

Fortunately, there are ways to improve your AC’s efficiency – and subsequently lower your energy bills – that won’t diminish your system’s ability to keep you cool. In fact, these simple tricks might even improve your overall comfort. Here’s how you can boost your air conditioner’s efficiency to cut the costs but not the comfort:

1. Change the Air Filter

For maximum efficiency and to protect your indoor air quality, you should change the filter in your air conditioner every month or so. While you may not have to replace it as often during more moderate seasons, it’s especially important to begin each new heating or cooling season with a fresh filter. If too much debris is allowed to build up in your filter, air will not be able to flow through it as freely, which will reduce your system’s efficiency and could even end up damaging the equipment in your AC.

2. Shade Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

Your outdoor condenser unit is exposed to a lot more heat than the indoor components of your air conditioner. However, landscaping with a canopy or even dense trees and shrubs that provide shade for your condenser unit can significantly increase the efficiency of your entire system!

3. Preventive AC Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your AC running smoothly and efficiently all year long, preventive AC maintenance is a must. When a professional technician comes to perform maintenance on your system, they’ll make sure everything is tuned up and working properly. If your system hasn’t had a maintenance checkup in more than a year, you may be surprised to learn how much money regular preventive maintenance could have been saving you.

Boost Your AC’s Efficiency Today!

There’s no better way to keep your air conditioner running at peak efficiency than with regular preventive maintenance from Complete Air Mechanical. Our technicians perform a 24-point check to ensure you’re getting the most out of your AC. To improve your system’s performance, increase the lifespan of your equipment, and start saving money on your energy bills, contact us today.

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