How to Allergy Proof Your Home

If you suffer from allergies, you know the pains of feeling itchy, sneezy, and stuffy. But while your first instinct might be to reach for the nearest allergy medicine, allergy proofing your home can do wonders at reducing your symptoms. If you live with allergies, here are four ways you can allergy proof your home.

4 Ways to Allergy Proof Your Home

1. Ditch the Carpet

Carpet can be a breeding ground for allergy-inducing particles. If you’re thinking about ditching the carpet, consider replacing it with linoleum or wood flooring. If replacing the carpet isn’t a feasible option for you, make sure you regularly shampoo the carpet and vacuum it weekly with a high-efficiency particulate air filter.

2. Bathe Pets

We all love our furry, four-legged friends, but for allergy sufferers, pets can exacerbate symptoms. Make sure you keep your pet off of any furniture or bedding and be sure to have them groomed on a regular basis to minimize pet dander.

3. Clean, Clean, Clean

Keeping your house clean may seem like an obvious way to reduce allergens, but it shouldn’t be overlooked! You can greatly minimize dust throughout your home by cleaning your home on a regular basis. Make sure to clean around the air vents as well since the air has to pass through the vents before being dispersed throughout your home.

4. Change the Air Filter

Before cooled air reaches the rooms of your home, it goes through a complex refrigeration cycle that replaces warm air with cool air. The air filter’s job is to filter out all of the nasty allergens and pollutants before the cooled air is dispersed through our homes. However, if the air filter is old and dirty, it won’t be able to effectively filter anything out! To allergy proof your home, make sure you change the air filter in your HVAC system every month.

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