How Often to Clean Air Ducts

There are many ways you can clean out your air ducts. Experts say that, on average, you should try to clean your air ducts every two to three years. This, paired with other upkeep, can help keep your HVAC unit clean and up to date.

But when do your ducts need to be cleaned? What happens when you have dirty air ducts?  What are the benefits of cleaning your air ducts every two to three years? This article will outline the answers to these questions and even more.

When Do Your Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

There are many signs that your air ducts need to be cleaned. In fact, experts say you should have your ducts cleaned every two to three years. But, how do you know when your ducts need to be cleaned?

You can tell by the visible factors, including mold growth, large amounts of dust, water contamination, damage to the ducts, or rodents or bugs. Other factors that are not visible include smoking in the house often, pets that shed or have dander, or recent renovations to your home.

How do you know one of the factors above is the culprit? You should dust the air duct and see how dusty or dirty it is. Sometimes, you may be able to clean your ducts with a vacuum. However, if there is too much dirt or it is overwhelming to you, you may want to invest in getting a certified technician out to your home to clean your vents.

What Happens When You Have Dirty Air Ducts?

Many things can happen when having dirty air ducts. It’s possible that dirt and dust may restrict your HVAC system from heating and cooling properly. This means your unit may not hear or cool as intended, and in turn, cost you more money and more energy from the environment to make it happen.

The next thing that can happen is the longer your HVAC is used, the more wear and tear will happen to your system. This means your unit has to work a lot harder and will eventually burn out. However, you can clean your air ducts every so often to ensure your unit does not have to work as hard. This can save your unit from additional wear and tear it doesn’t need to have.

If you think your HVAC unit has bugs, rodents, or mild pollen, this may be impacting your health. This could contaminate your HVAC system by becoming a magnet for all the things you don’t want in your home, such as bacteria growth, mites, and other pests. If you keep up with cleaning, these things will not be an issue.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

There are many benefits of cleaning your air ducts. This includes your HVAC system having better performance overall. This means your HVAC system would have a longer and healthier lifespan.

With cleaning your air ducts often comes fewer repairs. This means you do not have to fork out an arm and a leg for constant repairs or a new HVAC system. Additionally, it does not use as much energy, resulting in saving you money and our natural resources.

Lastly, it can lower your likelihood of any allergies or respiratory issues. This is because if you continuously clean your air ducts, there is less dirt, pollen, and other allergens floating around up there.

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