How Often Should I Change My Home’s Air Conditioning Filter?

Many homeowners in the Longwood area have heard that they need to replace their HVAC system’s air filter on a monthly basis. However, it is easy for busy people to overlook this task, and some might find that they go several months before remembering to replace it. Others might regularly complete this task on time, but they could wonder if it is truly necessary. There are a few points to consider when determining a more accurate air filter replacement schedule.

The Type of Air Filter You Use

There are numerous types of air filters. Some are designed to be washed off rather than replaced. Pleated filters may last longer than flat filters because they have a larger surface area to capture particulates in the air. However, the level of filtration can also vary by air filter, and a smart idea is to review the filtration manufacturer’s recommendations regarding when to clean or replace the exact type of filter that you are using.

How Often You Use Your HVAC System

Another point to consider is how often you run your HVAC system. In Florida, many homeowners run their system almost on a daily basis to keep the indoor temperature comfortable and to keep high humidity levels at bay. However, if you are one of the few homeowners who run the system less frequently, you may reasonably extend the time between filter changers.

Air Quality in the Home

A final factor to consider relates to air quality in the home. Everything from the number of people in the home to pets, smoking and more can impact air quality. A single person with no pets may extend the time between filter changes, while a busy home that has several pets might want to stick closely to a monthly filter change schedule.

For Superior Air Quality, Turn to Complete Air Mechanical

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