Space Heater vs Central Heat

It isn’t uncommon for Florida homeowners to run their air conditioning year-round in order to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. However, there are often chilly days when heat is needed to stay comfortable indoors. Many people opt to use a space heater rather than a central heating system when temperatures drop, assuming it will save them money. Here are a few points to consider in determining which option is the most cost-effective.

When You Heat One Room

Both a central heating system and a space heater will use energy that affects your utility bills each month. Space heaters are generally less energy-efficient than central heating systems, but this is not always the case. Higher end space eaters are far more energy efficient than their cheaper model counterparts. You may save money on energy costs when using a space heater to heat only one room, however, this still depends on the type of heater you use.

When You Need Comfort Heat

Some use a space heater as a source of supplemental heat in combination with a central heating system. If you crank the thermostat down on the central heating system and only use the space heater to heat one area of the home, this could be a cost-effective way to stay comfortable in a larger home.

When You Maintain the Home at a Reasonable Temperature

While central heating systems tend to lend more temperature control in a home, space heaters used in a particular room can quickly change temperatures when adjusted up or down. If you plan to use a space heater, use blankets, extra layers of clothes, and other measures in combination with the space heater to keep energy consumption lower.

For many people, it may make sense to invest in a central heating system rather than use a space heater. Not only do central heating systems make it easier to control your home’s temperature, but they are also typically more energy efficient than other options.

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