Does Air Conditioning Contribute to Global Warming?

In this day and age many individuals are becoming more and more conscious of the effect they are having on our environment. The EPA has mandated carbon monoxide emissions standards for a variety of vehicles, and many businesses have enforced rigorous standards to make sure their carbon footprint is as low as possible. One area of concern that some have is the use of their air conditioning units. It begs the question: does AC cause an increase in greenhouse gases and the resultant global warming effects? Yes, in some ways, it does. Here are some situations where your AC unit could affect your carbon footprint.

AC Systems Require a lot of Energy

At first, this wouldn’t seem to be too much of an issue. However, the fact that air conditioning units require energy in the form of electricity means that coal-fired plants must generate it. Unfortunately, generating energy from coal-fired plants isn’t the best solution because these facilities generally have issues with gas emissions.

Air Conditioning Systems Contribute to a Vicious Cycle

During the last century, the average temperature has increased by approximately one degree. Although this may seem minor, meteorologists have noted the significant change in the weather patterns of the planet during the last century. Because the earth is a warmer place, air conditioning units have to work that much harder to compensate for the higher temperature. When that happens, more demand is placed on the electrical output, which places more demand on the coal-powered plant.

Increased Demand

With populations in many tropical and subtropical areas of the world growing by leaps and bounds, demand for climate control has increased. An immense number of air conditioning units are being sold in such areas as China and India. Unfortunately, where more air conditioning units are being sold, more energy will be needed to meet the demand. It is a no-brainer that this new development will have a detrimental effect on the environment if left unchecked.

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