Are More Expensive Air Filters Worth It?

Your HVAC system is responsible for circulating an immense amount of air throughout your home. It dehumidifies the air and cools it. The problem arises when dust, dander, pet hair, and a plethora of other contaminants are caught in that same air. These contaminants can harm your cooling system, and irritate your allergies. Let’s find out if you really need an expensive air filter to remove them all.

Understanding What an AC Air Filter Does

An air filter’s purpose is to remove a large amount of the contaminants that would otherwise circulate within the same air that cools your home. It catches dust, mildew, and a variety of things that most people would rather refrain from breathing.

A basic air filter is essential to remove these contaminants. There is a difference between basic air filters and more expensive ones, which is something that you should understand.

What Do More Expensive AC Air Filters Do?

More expensive air filters tend to remove a larger amount of contaminants from the air. They may be able to significantly reduce the amount of dust in your home when combined with regular household cleaning. Other filters are tested to remove smoke particles, pet dander, hair, and allergens. These filters are typically the more expensive ones, as they have a “finer” filter to them.

Do You Need Expensive AC Filters for Your HVAC System?

The main thing to understand about air filters is that expensive is not necessarily better. You should only spend extra money to buy specialized filters when you have a problem with allergies or if you smoke within your home.

If neither of these applies to you, then standard air filters can work. You just need to remember to change your air filters regularly to maximize their effectiveness, as they can become clogged and strain your HVAC system.

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