Common HVAC Problems

It’s always the worst possible time that our heating and cooling systems seem to have something happen to them. Before you call someone to look at your system, here is a list of seven commonly misunderstood HVAC issues.

7 of the Most Common HVAC Problems

1. Clogged AC Filters

Not changing your home’s air filters can result in various issues, including the system freezing up. This is a common problem that many people face.

The first thing you’ll want to do is turn off your AC to let it defrost. Wait for one to three hours, and then turn on the fan for about an hour. Additionally, you should replace your air filter. From there, your unit should go back to working normally.

2. Loud HVAC Noises

Loud noises from your HVAC system can mean many different things, and some only require a quick adjustment. These noises can include buzzing, popping, or clanking.

If your HVAC is buzzing, it could be a loose part in your unit, or the motor can be close to quitting. You may want to consider calling a technician out to your home to see what the issue is.

If there is a popping sound, you may want to try turning your unit on and off again. It also may just be your ductwork expanding.

The last sound is clanking noises. If you hear this sound it may be a problem with your blower assembly. You will want to turn your AC unit off and call a technician to your home.

3. Refrigerant Leaks

refrigerant leak is common in many residential HVAC systems. Refrigeration is the process of your AC absorbing heat from the air, allowing your unit to exchange warm air for cooler air.

However, due to chemicals and the danger these possess, this should be handled by an HVAC professional. Please do not try to do this yourself as it is dangerous and very complex.

4. Dirty Coils

dirty condenser or evaporator coil can send many homeowners into a tizzy. This will result in hotter air blowing out of your unit. However, it is not a hard fix.

It only requires some elbow grease to fix. You will want to ensure that you do not damage this during cleaning. You may clean them with compressed air, household detergent, or commercial cleaners.

5. Dirty AC Unit

There are many ways an AC unit may become dirty. This is quite common for many people. This may cause your AC unit to run differently than it is supposed to.

To clean the AC unit, you need to take it apart. From there, you must clean out the mats and the curd. Clean window AC units regularly to avoid noise and indoor air quality issues.

6. Broken Fan

There are many reasons an AC unit may blow warm air. A big reason why this may be is a broken fan. Dirt and debris may have gotten in there, causing air to blow out. It may also be a faulty motor, lack of lubrication, or worn belts.

To alleviate this problem, check the fan to see what state it’s in. If your blade is dirty, take a vacuum or cloth to clean it out. If the problem continues, you may need a professional out to your home.

7. Thermostat Problems

The last thing you want to check is your thermostat. Ensure that it is on and set correctly. You may also look at the manual to ensure it is working properly. If it is, you may need to reset it or get a replacement.

You may want to try a programmable thermostat, as the older units are more prone to malfunction. Additionally, this may help with your energy bill as well.

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