Common HVAC Mistakes

HVAC systems provide year-round comfort for Florida residents, but according to the Energy Information Administration, they also account for around one-third of the energy consumed in the average home. Avoiding the following five common operating errors can help keep monthly energy bills manageable, increase system performance, and extend the equipment’s service life.

5 Common HVAC Mistakes

1. Neglecting Preventive AC Maintenance

It’s easy to forget that, like all mechanical systems, HVAC systems require regular care to keep them running at peak efficiency. Enrolling in a seasonal maintenance plan is the easiest and most economical way to ensure that heaters and air conditioners get the professional tune-ups they need to deliver top performance and sidestep problems down the road.

2. Constantly Adjusting Thermostat Settings

HVAC systems run most efficiently with stable temperature settings. While it’s tempting to lower the AC setting on a hot summer day, it won’t make an air conditioner cool the environment faster. Constant adjustments place unnecessary strain on the equipment, impacting the system’s performance.

3. Running HVAC Systems Continuously

No one wants to come home to a hot and humid environment, but leaving an air conditioner running while away drives up cooling costs and causes avoidable wear and tear on the system. Programmable thermostats that allow different temperature settings at different times of the day offer a simple and affordable solution.

4. Ignoring Ventilation Concerns

HVAC systems not only regulate household temperatures but also help control humidity levels and improve indoor air quality. Poorly ventilated homes impact an HVAC system’s ability to keep the environment healthy and comfortable. Indoor air quality products like energy recovery ventilators work together with HVAC systems to improve performance without sending utility bills soaring.

5. Operating Outmoded Equipment

Not knowing when it makes more financial sense to replace rather than repair an older HVAC system is one of the most common mistakes that homeowners make. Today’s innovative heaters and air conditioners are far more energy efficient than their outmoded counterparts, often making replacement the smarter move.

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