Air Conditioning Sounds

Air conditioning noises can be alarming! Fortunately, many of these sounds often have a simple solution, and if a problem requires professional AC repair, it is good to know a trusted heating and air conditioning company.

8 Common AC Noises & What They Mean

1. Rattling Noise

A rattling sound might indicate screws have become loose. Again, remember to turn off the power to the unit before tightening any screws or bolts, and contact a professional if the sound persists.

Screws in your system can loosen over time. Sometimes they fall out and rattle around inside your AC when this happens. It’s not ideal, the sound is annoying, but you’re not in any danger by continuing regular AC operation with this sound. You should schedule an appointment with a professional when you can to remove the obstruction. If the screws came off of your fan, sometimes this could cause the fan to become off balance – which affects the performance of your HVAC system, so you will want to get that fixed if for nothing else than for your comfort (and electric bills).

2. Clicking Noise

AC Making Clicking Noise But Won’t Start: If your air conditioner sounds like it’s repeatedly clicking as it tries to turn on, then there’s an electrical problem that needs to be corrected. The problem could be a bad thermostat, a compressor problem, or a capacitor failure. If your AC is clicking but won’t turn on, you should get a professional HVAC technician out right away to resolve the issue.

AC Making Clicking Noise While Running: If your air conditioner sounds like it’s making a repetitive clicking noise that gradually gets faster as the unit powers up, it could be a small obstruction. Think of a card in the spoke of a bike wheel. If there is an obstruction, like a stick bumping up against the fan, it will cause a clicking sound. Sometimes the AC fan can become loose in its mount and knock against its protective casing too. If you hear a clicking sound while the unit is in operation, you’ll want to call a technician right away. While it’s technically safe to operate the machinery with an obstruction, you may want to turn the air conditioner off to avoid further damaging the components.

3. Whistling Noise

If you hear this sound, it could mean there is a broken seal in the ductwork that carries the air from the unit throughout the home. If there are cracks or holes in the ductwork, they can often be repaired by re-caulking or using heat tape to strengthen the seals of the seams.

4. Grinding Noise

Grinding sounds also usually come from the fan. Usually, the fan just needs to be lubricated. However, there could be a more serious problem with the fan motor, so you would do well to call a professional HVAC technician to take a look and avoid future expensive repairs if there is a bigger problem.

5. Screeching Noise

Many pieces of equipment rely on belts to work, including air conditioners. If the unit emits a whining or screeching sound when it comes on, it could mean a belt is old or worn out and needs replacing.

6. Humming Noise

Humming sounds can come from a few different root issues. Sometimes when your starting capacitor is beginning to fail, it can cause a humming noise. Your motor could also be in need of repair. A humming noise can sometimes indicate the motor is struggling.

7. Sparking Noise

The sounds of electrical components on start up and shut down of your air conditioner are normal. If there are continued electrical noises during the operation of your air conditioner, you should immediately turn it off. Do not turn the air conditioner back on until you have had a professional HVAC technician inspect it, especially if a burning plastic or burning rubber smell accompanies these strange electrical noises. Sometimes the wire casings of a malfunctioning unit can melt off.

Sparking electrical sounds means you are at risk of an electrical fire. Stop using your air conditioner immediately until a professional has given it a clean bill of health.

Your AC may be leading to overheating or having too many fluctuations, which can cause a short circuit or a fuse to blow up.

8. Thudding Noise

Something as simple as a fan blade coming loose from the motor and bumping and thudding as it spins can cause this type of sound. It is important to inspect the unit to see what has fallen onto the fan before repairing it. For safety, homeowners should always disconnect the power to the unit before inspecting it.

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