Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Many people are worried about their HVAC unit. They want to ensure their unit is healthy and running smoothly for years to come. This article will outline the seven best air conditioner maintenance tips and tricks.

7 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

1. Regularly Change Your Filters

First, ensure you are changing your AC unit filters regularly. You should be replacing your air filter every 30 days. This ensures that all the dust and debris do not circulate throughout your home. The purpose of the air conditioner filters is to catch all of that so you do not have to breathe it all in.

2. Fix Any AC Leaks

Next, be sure to fix any AC leaks. Please keep in mind that AC window units are very hard to seal correctly. To do so, you will need to seal the small gaps where the AC units meet the frame of your house, such as a window frame. To fix this issue, you could use foil tape for the small gaps around the unit. For the larger gaps, you could use stuffed foam with tape as needed. This will ensure no air or heat can seep through and mess with the temperature in your home.

3. Lower Your AC When You’re Not Home

Lowering your AC unit temperature when you are not home can go a long way. You can do this manually or install a timer to do it for you. Installing a timer saves time and effort if you are out of the house at a scheduled time.

For central units, you may invest in a programmable thermostat that will run based on the time you input. For window units, newer versions have timers that are built in. You will want to keep your AC unit cool during the day when the sun is out. You can do so by drawing your blinds or curtain down during the day. Some people have also installed awnings to keep the sun from beating on their units.

4. Perform AC Unit Upkeep

You can also keep your AC unit healthy by performing an annual upkeep. You should have a yearly cleaning schedule that goes beyond just cleaning the filters. At Complete Air Mechanical, we are happy to perform this upkeep for you! Annual upkeep includes:

  • Inspecting and cleaning coils
  • Replacing or cleaning air filters
  • Inspecting the fan belts, and replacing them if necessary
  • Inspecting blowers and fans
  • Inspecting refrigerant and pressures
  • Verifying operating temperatures

5. Keep It Clean

To keep your unit clean, you should be vacuuming the fans of your AC unit with a brush. The fans are fragile so keep in mind they can be bent or crushed very easily. You can clean them yourself or hire a professional to clean them as part of your yearly check-up.

6. Cover Your Windows

Covering your windows can help stop heat from coming into your home. This will allow your AC unit and your home to remain cooler. This should be done especially when it is the hottest part of the day.

7. Deep Clean Your Unit

Deep cleaning your unit should be added to your to-do list. Unless you have a seasoned professional, come out to inspect it once a year to check everything. This is geared toward room air conditioners. You’ll need to make sure you get all the dirt and dust off the outside of your unit.

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