90 Degrees in November? What Record-High Temps Mean for Your AC

Although November is when homeowners can turn their attention to cooler weather and lower energy bills, recent record high temperatures in Central Florida may have you running the AC full blast much longer than you expected. This extended activity means that your AC system will not get its much needed respite, so, more than ever, homeowners need to provide some basic maintenance. Here is how you can maximize AC efficiency and comfort levels in the home during this unusual weather pattern.

Check the Air Filter

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the replacement of a clogged air conditioning filter can decrease the energy demands of a cooling unit by at least five percent. During hot weather, it is wise to check the filter at least once a month. With the current heatwave, a quick check will indicate whether a new filter is needed.

Use Recommended Thermostat Settings

Recommended thermostat settings are helpful for keeping the home comfortable without wasting electricity. Use a 78-degree waking temperature, dropping the setting by 7 degrees for daytime cooling needs. Use that same 78-degree setpoint for evening activity, and decrease the setting by 4 degrees for sleeping.

Use Ceiling Fans Whenever Possible

By using ceiling fans to circulate air, a homeowner can obtain a cooler feel without putting extra stress on the air conditioning system. When used in tandem with the air conditioner, the ceiling fan allows the thermostat setting to be raised by up to four degrees without a significant change in comfort levels. Some may find that ceiling fans allow them to make it through the heatwave with minimal air conditioning activity.

System Stresses

Heatwaves tend to result in emergency service requests for HVAC contractors. Although these are normally summer issues, it is helpful to be prepared during this present surge in cooling activity. Be alert for issues such as the AC system blowing hot air, not cooling adequately, or making unusual noises. Operating an air conditioner without investigating these issues could lead to major damage to the compressor or other expensive parts.

Call Complete Air Mechanical for Maintenance

Although the weather can be unpredictable, the service provided by Complete Air Mechanical is always reliable. Preventive maintenance is important for a heat pump that has provided extra cooling activity during a heatwave so that reliable heating will be available as the seasons change. For those who use gas furnaces, fall maintenance is a critical safety measure that should be handled before the first use. Contact Complete Air Mechanical for an appointment.

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