5 Ways You’re Misusing Your Air Conditioner

When you break it down into its constituent parts, an AC unit isn’t actually that complicated. Making proper use of an AC system so that it delivers excellent performance over the long haul is another matter. If you care about your AC infrastructure, take pains to avoid these classic AC operation mistakes.

5 Ways You’re Misusing Your Air Conditioner

1. Running a Poorly Maintained Unit

Any air conditioner will take a beating over a long, hot summer under even the best circumstances. Neglecting AC maintenance and cleaning is a recipe for disaster. Have major components like evaporator and condenser coils, compressors, air filters, and drain channels serviced annually.

2. Installing It in the Wrong Place

Where you decide to place your AC machine will have a massive impact on how well it functions. Try to position it on the east or north side of the house in a shaded area. Make sure that airflow isn’t blocked by shrubs or trees.

3. Overworking the AC Hardware

Trying to cool a home or apartment with inadequate hardware is a foolish move. An AC unit that’s too small will run non-stop and fail prematurely. Trying to save a few bucks upfront on a cheap unit will cost you more in the long run.

4. Ignoring Exterior or Interior Leaks

A residence or business that isn’t sealed up tight will simply be more expensive to heat or cool. Take the time to caulk leaks around openings such as doors and windows to get the best performance from your AC hardware.

5. Creating Air Pressure Imbalances

One common mistake that homeowners don’t even know they’re making is trying to save money by closing duct vents to rooms that aren’t occupied. This creates a pressure imbalance that will force an AC unit to work harder than it should.

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