Home AC Unit Blowing Warm Air

When your air conditioner is blowing warm air in your Central Florida home, there better be a good reason! After all, one of the worst feelings as a homeowner is walking into your home on a hot day to cool off only to realize that warm air is coming out of your air vents. There are many factors that can cause warm air to blow out of your air vents, but fortunately, most can be repaired with a call to Complete Air Mechanical.

Learn five potential reasons why your air vents may be blowing hot or warm air and what you can do to address the problem.

1. Malfunctioning Compressor

Your air conditioning unit depends on refrigerant to be cycled through the unit in order to be able to blow cold air when it is turned on. If the compressor in your unit is malfunctioning, the refrigerant is unable to turn from a gas to a liquid to cool the air. This plays a vital role in ensuring that cold air blows from your air conditioning vents.

2. Refrigerant Leak

Once again, refrigerant plays a vital role in allowing your air conditioning unit to blow cold air. If there is a refrigerant leak within your unit and too much refrigerant is released into the surrounding area, your unit will be unable to produce any cold air at all. An easy way to spot a refrigerant leak is if the evaporator coils on the unit are frosted over, but cold air is not blowing within your home.

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3. Duct Leaks

Warm air may blow from your vents if there is a big enough leak in your home’s ductwork. The ducts within your home deliver cool air throughout, but if there is a leak, warm air can be mixed into the already cooled air, producing warmer than normal air blowing from your vents. Ductwork issues should always be handled by a professional.

4. Outdoor AC Unit is Obstructed

Always make sure that your outdoor AC unit is free of obstructions. Overgrown landscaping or other debris can clog your AC system. Clogs in the AC unit cause the system to work harder than it needs to, sometimes causing it to overheat. Luckily, this issue has an easy, DIY fix. Just clear away any and all debris from the area surrounding your AC unit.

5. Thermostat set to HEAT

Have you checked your thermostat to ensure it is set correctly? We have often seen that AC issues that are as simple as a thermostat user error. Check your thermostat before you give us a call!

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AC Repair in Central Florida with Complete Air Mechanical

There is no reason for you to live with your AC blowing hot or warm air! Contact the heating, ventilation and air conditioning experts at Complete Air Mechanical, located in Longwood, Fla. today. We’ll ensure that all AC repairs are made in a cost and time-efficient manner. We will also explain AC maintenance strategies to help ensure your system keeps you comfortable for many years to come. Call us at (407) 915-0144 or schedule service online today.