Easy Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

Living in Florida is great. After all, we get to take advantage of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But living in paradise has its disadvantages too—specifically speaking, the heat and humidity during the summer months.

4 Easy Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

With summer approaching, here are four easy ways you can beat the heat this season:

1. Give Your Bed a Makeover

Giving your bed a makeover won’t just give your room a renewed look, but it can help keep you cooler, too. If you use warmer bedding made of fleece, flannel, or another high-insulation fabric, stash these in a closet until a cold front. Opting for bedding made of cotton and other breathable fabrics will help you stay cool during hot summer nights.

2. Close the Blinds

Many homeowners underestimate the power of their blinds during the summertime. But something as simple as closing the blinds can actually stop 30 percent of unwanted heat from coming in through your windows. If you leave your windows open, the heat from outside can get trapped indoors, essentially turning your home into a mini greenhouse. To stop this from happening, close the blinds during the hottest hours of the day.

3. Cook Meals Outside

Having a homemade meal fresh out of the oven is great, but using a 400-degree oven when it’s already hot outside is not! Don’t want to exile warm foods this summer? Two words: grill outside. Grilling more meals is a great summer activity for the whole family and it will do wonders for keeping the temperature inside of your home lower.

4. Schedule a Maintenance Checkup for Your AC

You could use all of the cooling tricks in the book, but if your air conditioning system isn’t in tiptop shape, you’ll be in a constant battle against the heat. The solution? Give your local air conditioning professionals at Complete Air a call today to schedule a maintenance checkup. Routine AC maintenance checkups are the best way to ensure your AC is ready for the summer.

Contact Complete Air Mechanical for AC Service

At Complete Air, we offer quality maintenance checkups that are proven to keep your air conditioner functioning year round. During our Total System Health Check, one of our trained technicians will go through a specialized checklist to make sure your system is functioning at peak performance. Want to learn more? Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly team members or learn more about our Maintenance Programs.

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