4 Air Conditioning Noises and What They Mean

Summers seem to get hotter every year. Understandably, homeowners get alarmed when their air conditioner begins to make unusual or loud noises. Fortunately, many of these odd sounds often have a simple solution, and if a problem requires professional AC repair, it is good to know a trusted heating and air conditioning company.

AC Making a Thudding Sound

This type of sound can be linked to something as simple as a fan blade coming loose from the motor, bumping and thudding as it spins. It is important to inspect the unit to see what has fallen onto the fan before making a repair. For safety, homeowners should always disconnect the power to the unit before inspection.

AC Making a Whistling Sound

If this sound is heard, it could mean there is a broken seal in the ductwork that carries the air from the unit throughout the home. If a crack or holes are found, they can often be repaired by re-caulking or using heat tape to strengthen the seals of the seams.

AC Making a Screeching Noise

Many pieces of equipment rely on belts to work, including air conditioners. If the unit emits a whining or screeching sound when it comes on, it could mean a belt is old or worn-out and needs replacing.

AC Making a Rattling Noise

A rattling sound might indicate screws have become loose. Again, remember to turn off the power to the unit before tightening any screws or bolts, and contact a professional if the sound persists.

Contact Complete Air Mechanical for Fast AC Repair

If unusual noises coming from your AC have you spooked, contact Complete Air Mechanical for quick, affordable service. Strange sounds can indicate a variety of issues, and you will want to have a professional inspect your AC right away. Our staff understands that the air conditioner is the most important appliance in the house, and we value customer comfort and satisfaction.